CCTA - Chicago would like to respectfully acknowledge that this event is being held on the traditional lands of the Chickasaw, Dakota Sioux, Ho-Chunk (Winnebago), Illinois (Illini), Miami, Potawatomi, and Shawnee People, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. We pay our respect to elders both past and present.

What #SacredLand do you stand on? #HonorNativeLand by respectfully acknowledging ancestral lands.

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6:30    Opening and Land Acknowledgement    
6:40    Rise (film) by Katarina Kikta
7:00    The Rubik’s Cube Solution by Sarena Parmar and featuring: Aaron Ragland, Amelia Bethel    
7:10    Migration by Ryan Oliveira and featuring: Paula Anglin, Niki Charisse Franco
7:30    Gaia by Hiro Kanagawa and featuring: Samantha Michelle Nava, Kim Egan, Liam MacDougall    
7:50    Minor Flood, Major Constellation: Sirius and the Cartographer Map the New World by Lisa Schlesinger and featuring: Leslie Coffman, Athanasia Sawicz, Izzy Tortuga, Kim Egan
8:00    The Nymph of the River by Roberto Dassoni and Carolina Migli-Bateson and featuring: Carolina Migli-Bateson
8:20    This by Caridad Svich and featuring: Athanasia Sawicz, Jessica Smoot, Amanda Winston, Terri Lynn Hudson
8:30    Breath (film) by Nita Bowerman
8:40    The New Galileos by Amy Berryman and featuring: Laura Stephenson, Samantha Michelle Nava, Whitney Pipes
8:50    Nature (film) by Iman Kerroua    
9:00    Appreciation by Katie Pearl and featuring: Laura Stephenson     
9:30    Rube Goldberg Device for The Generation of Hope by Jordan Hall and featuring: Rukmini Girish, Ophelia Harkness    
9:50    Nocturne by Jordan Tannahill and featuring: Anna Marck    
10:00 The Blue Puzzle by Clare Duffy and featuring: Rebecca Joy Fletcher

Contributing Artists

Special Thanks to:
Pride Films & Plays, Pride Arts Center, East 15 Acting School, Steppenwolf Education, Manny Ortiz, Casey S. Campbell, Will Kazda, Alenka Figa, A.J. Lesage, Sarah Goldberg, Lauren Fisher, June Thiele, Amanda Serna, Cyrus Black Guzman, Maddie Gombis, Evan Hatfield, The Arctic Cycle, Spiel Chicago, Greenpeace, and YOU!