Pop Magic Productions Announces MEDUSA

Pop Magic Productions’ Incubator Series is a focused effort giving new innovative work the custom development and public presentation it deserves.


Lead Artist: Denise Yvette Serna

Devised by Global Hive Laboratories 

An international examination the role of women in power within patriarchal power structures, women as oppressors of other women, and the ramifications of punishing survivors of sexual violence, rather than their aggressors.

Through an intersectional and inclusive creative process devised by artist ensembles in four countries, Medusa will deconstruct the legacy of mythology, and our industry's historical precedent for the oppression, objectification, and exclusion of those whose identities fall outside of the majority, with specific focus on gender expression and ability.  

This production is an experimentation in devising multiple points of access for audience members, with intention placed on  language barriers, the aesthetics of access design, and the experience of people with disabilities.

Pop Magic is partnering with Global Hive Laboratories to produce the Chicago premiere of "Medusa" in the Summer of 2019. We are looking to raise $5,000 for design, artist fees, marketing, and rehearsal space.