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Our first workshop for The Medusa Project is complete! Our theme: TRANSFORMATION.

We gathered for this workshop at Middlesex University, where all of our physical and technical needs were met by the incredible drama program there. We spent a lot of time building foundations for and exploring the practices of Butoh, Suzuki, and The Viewpoints under the instruction of Earl T. Kim. Our ensemble consisted of London based artists including Nell Hardy, Eliza Harris, Saida Ahmed, Hannah Allen, Gabrielle De Saumarez, Katarina Kikta, Aniera Evans, and Nicole McKay.

MEDUSA featured on Zerocinque23 Italy

It's called Medusa project, inspired by Medusa Myth. Four Actresses, including the piacenza Carolina Migli, organized this international workshop at Teatro Trieste Trentaquattro, from 11 to 17 February. Goal: creating scenes for the final show next year in Chicago.
With Corallina Mil
Filippo Rcelloni

Global Hive embarks on international feminist workshop series

Global Hive partners Denise Yvette Serna, Carolina Migli Bateson, Anna Donnell, Katie Merritt, Iman Kerroua, and Earl T. Kim Begin the next GHL project: Medusa in 2019.

The ensemble will host workshops in four different regions of the world - Piacenza (Northern Italy) London (England), Paris (France), and Chicago (US). The workshops will be conducted by the members of the ensemble.

Every workshop will include invited multidisciplinary artists and will be free of charge for the participants, operating on a model of skill-sharing and alternative styles of audience/artist engagement. The workshops will provide participants with rigorous training in the Viewpoints, Butoh, and the Suzuki Method of Actor Training as well as other disciplines.  Our goal with these workshops is to cultivate a truly international ensemble with a shared language rooted in devising and composition that goes beyond borders and across cultures to resonate with contemporary audiences.

We are a bold collaborative group of artists interested in International Creative Collaboration through creative use of technology. We believe everyone should have access to art that feeds, enriches, and challenges us. This means exploring alternative audience engagement methods.

This work aims to bring together people from different places and investigate a subject from different points of view. In addition, each local community will share time and space to inspire, illuminate, and challenge each other and the world around them.

The ensemble aspires to create a full-scale production from the regional workshops to premiere in Chicago, Illinois. With additional funding and support, it would return to each region and be performed there under the facilitation of local artists, continuing the international exchange of skills, ideas, and collaboration.

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International Hive Workshops Featured in Italian Newspaper

The piece highlights the work of artist Carolina Migli, and the short film she created for Climate Change Theatre Action - Chicago.
"The Nymph of The River" explores the effect climate change has had on the rivers in her home town. Carolina will be coming from Italy to Chicago this November to participate in our Climate Change Theatre Action!